Abstract Game Ideas

I'm currently in the beginning stages of a few ideas - some of them farther along than others. So if anything sparks your interest, let me know!

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• I'm working on big game that sort of a mix between Hide and Seek, Where's Waldo, and the Where's George? dollar tracking site. The "unsuspecting" players would be able to move window decals around and track them online. I'm hoping to make it possible for participants to upload pictures of where they found the decal and put a marker on a map.

• I'm trying to finish a game concept that has a spinning circular game board. Players would have to constantly weigh whether it was better to help themselves or slow down their opponents with every turn. This would work as a simple computer game as well.

• This one is not a game: I would like to use vinyl lettering to apply affirmations on the mirrors in public restrooms.

• I have started thinking about the possibility of players needing to revolt against their puppet masters to complete/continue with an ARG.

• I want to use games to create a safe environment for the players to share their opinions with people in "power."

• I want to find ways to mix technologically inclined people with those who are not.


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