Follow the Red Balloon

This was a very brief interactive experiment I did to brighten people's days and test out a low tech version of email forwards. Balloons always make my think of the innocence of my childhood when a balloon would cause a significant amount of joy. I wanted to bring smiles to people's faces, if only for a moment.

Pictures and documentation can be seen at:

Each red balloon had a weight and a pre-paid postcard attached to it. The red really popped out from the dreary spring background. People were encouraged to record the location they found a balloon and then move it to a new place. The postcards also included information to a blog that would follow the red balloons as well.

I gave 15 balloons to undergraduates, graduates, and professors to put in a location of their choice. Students were very excited to get the balloons and many sent me photo documentation when all I asked for was an address or cross street. I only got one postcard back in the mail. There were 5 spots to record the balloons' locations, and I think that was too many for more postcards to return. It was exciting to even receive one back, especially since it travelled so far away from the original location.


I enjoyed your "follow the Red Balloon." Did you know that movie director Albert Lamorisse, best known for the movie The Red Balloon, also invented the board game Risk in 1959? SEIZE THE PLAY! Tim


It's great how people end up being creative in more than one area...

This is really great news

This is really great news for gamers and I would like to appreciate you for this creative posting.
Great job

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